Yoshimi has started her professional piano playing career at her age of 21 in her home town of Yokosuka city where a huge American naval base is located,and from this city many Japanese jazz musicians emerged to the world of profession in music who are often seen in mass media today.
Yoshimi Fukasawa (Jazz Pianist)
She has performed in quartet, piano trio and solo in various clubs including;
Ginza Maxim De Paris. 1992 - 1996
She performs at live restaurant; Asakusa Hub over 20 years.
With Johnny Varro in 2008 (Photo by John Bitter)
She is a band master of "Yoshimi and Carolina Shout"
performed at Elkhart Jazz Festival (Indiana,USA) 2007-2009,
Shinjuku Trad.Jazz festival (Tokyo,Japan) 2002 to date ,
Kobe Jazz Street (Kobe,Japan) 2008 to date and many others.
In 2003, a release of music CD to public named "Three Steps".
In 2005,"Chokot Concert 2005" and in 2008,"TOKIO RAG"

After all , NOBODY should miss what Yoshimi and her jolly bands do to our bustling world
when "heartfelt melody" with "healing power" visit your hearts so you'll be enlightened !.
(all notes and comments dedicated by T.Nakano)

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